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A Little About Me!

Posted by Ivonnardona on 01/23/2008


I love to make jewelry, but I think I love buying supplies and other items even more.  I think I am just a shopper at heart with BIG ideas.  I have so many ideas swimming in my head that half of them drown before I can get to them.  I also love to write poetry and read.  

I am an unpracticing accountant right now, but that may change as my student loans are now due.  Blah!  I found out at the end of my schooling that I hate numbers and that I LOVE the arts.  Actually, I kind of always knew this just never understood it until I took Art and Literature.  

I love to make friends and I love to talk to and watch people.  I learn more about myself when I listen to others and I love to watch how other people react to the elements around them.


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Posted by Ivonnardona on 01/18/2008


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