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What Exactly Makes One A Jewelry Designer?

Posted by Ivonnardona on 03/26/2009

coroele_small1What exactly makes one a Jewelry Designer? For definition sake; a Jewelry Designer is any person who produces a unique and one-of-a-kind (OOAK) piece that can be many different styles and techniques. History of Jewelry Designers goes all the way back to ancient Greek and Roman cultures. These jewelry designers started off as Etruscan Civilization goldsmiths in the cultural expression, which became more prevalent through these ancient cultures. Jewelry designers today are time and again professionals with varying knowledge of Gemology, Metal Smithing and Rendering. These jewelry designers cater to a sizeable number of clientele as well as private customers. There are various trademarks and brands that become the property of their respective owners.

Jewelry designers can be anyone from gemologists, craftsmen and jewelry historians who definitely share a passion for fine jewelry and gemstones. Goldsmiths brought their very own style and jewelry skills, from traditional to artistic, from antique to contemporary. Reflecting the societies and eras in which jewelry was worn; fashion jewelry often illustrated particular events that were out of the ordinary during that time. Jewelry designers today have rich traditions in design and style to draw from in order to design and create their own style of jewelry.

Jewelry designers have created more and more styles that are specifically geared toward what a specific client is looking for. Jewelry will be a leading fashion trend for possibly the next one thousand years. There is an extensive assortment of materials, prices, and styles that jewelry designers offer that will satisfy just about anyone. There are a number of extremely creative jewelry designers that have been recognized for their original styles as well as their investigation into themselves for new and unique designs. Jewelry that is highly sought after in today’s market ranges from costume to vintage jewelry designed by a number of famous jewelry designers.

Designers of all genres are continuously coming up with new and one-of-a-kind styles whose magnificence and reputation have become unmatched. Defining style for these designers is about understanding the significance in combining shapes in order to create new styles of jewelry. Most designers have a great amount of pride when it comes to their designs, while at the same time trying to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends.

Items used to create jewelry come in a number of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Native Americans are known for using seed beads in their loom work to create colorful and detailed jewelry and adornments for their tribal wear. Gemstones are widely used and a favorite for making all styles of jewelry. There are metal, glass, crystal, fabric, acrylic, and other types of beads used as well. Mediums that can be used for creating jewelry ranges from sterling silver to copper to soda cans. There is also jewelry that is made out of nearly every well-known material and can be finished to embellish almost every part of the body, from earrings, hairpins, bracelets, and necklaces to toe rings and many, many more types.

Vintage Jewelry seems to be very popular in the way of antique Jewelry. Vintage or antique jewelry can date back as far as hundreds of years and can be some of the most collectible jewelry out there. These pieces are rare, which can make them highly sought after by jewelry collectors everywhere. Costume jewelry is well thought of as the high point in jewelry design history.

As a jewelry designer there is increasingly a large amount of information via the World Wide Web that teaches all the aspects of fashion design, form, history and materials that can be used in creating jewelry as well as how to successfully market your jewelry. So study and practice, practice, and practice. Who knows maybe you’ll be the next jewelry designer to be referenced 100 years from now!


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The POEST Astrology Challenge

Posted by Ivonnardona on 07/03/2008

I entered this piece called Mercury and Virgo in an Etsy Street Team that I am in. Please stop by and vote for me, I would really appreciate it.


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Swarovski’s Runway Rocks

Posted by Ivonnardona on 07/02/2008

If you haven’t already, you have to check out the Swarovski’s Runway Rocks event that took place in London for the first Jewelry Week in June, 2008.

“When it’s time to prep for Runway Rocks, Swarovski commissions designers from around the world, challenging them to create the ultimate catwalk jewelry in a way that showcases the company’s many products.” (http://jewelry.about.com/od/famousjewels/ig/Swarovski-Runway-Rocks/)

Let me just say, amazing designers, amazing outfits. I was left speechless.

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EtsyBEAD “Catch A Wave” Treasury

Posted by Ivonnardona on 07/01/2008

Look at all the beautiful items included in this ebtw treasury. I am so excited that my necklace made it in.

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etsyBEAD “Catch A Wave” Sale

Posted by Ivonnardona on 06/30/2008

Every two weeks etsyBEAD selects a new theme which is kept secret until Sunday!

Then members put their items up on the etsyBEAD sale – with sale prices and/or free postage etc.

So check back on Monday’s to see what’s happening with the EBTW…

EBTW = Etsy Bead Theme of the Week

EBTW for June 29th to July 12th – Catch a Wave

To find all of etsyBEAD’s sale items click this link


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